Hellboy: Weird Tales (Volume Two)

Hellboy: Weird Tales (Volume Two)

Mike Mignola

This volume felt a lot shorter than the first one, but had a lot more extras.  For the most part, the stories were mediocre.  Again, there were some that were great and some that didn’t really seem to have more of a point than to be glorified fan art.  I was excited to see Craig Thompson took part in this (he wrote Blankets), but I was disappointed his story didn’t blow me out of the water.

The extras here are the usual sketches and covers as well as a few “issues” of a Lobsterman comic from World War II.  I was pretty excited about that.  Besides this though, the volume really didn’t add too much to the previous one.  Like I said before, if you’re a huge Hellboy fan, then grab a copy.  If you’re meh about the series, then don’t bother picking this one up.

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