Piece #5 – Vito

Talk about an amazing art piece–Vito cut pictures of healthy foods from magazines and pasted them behind me (am I swing dancing?).  He got my personality and quirks down excellently.  For my new readers that don’t know me well enough to see the humor in this: I don’t drink alcohol and I eat an offensively large amount of pizza.  Also, if I mentioned sushi any more often, I think Vito might murder me (hence the chopsticks).

Vito has been one of the biggest supports in my life.  Ever since meeting him, he’s treated me with nothing but the highest level of kindness and understanding.  We walk together and laugh together and make trips to our sacred Red Mango.  He’s a wonderful person–I know that if I need help, he’s there.  Thanks for the beautiful picture, Vito.

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