Piece #9 – Zoe

Here’s a scan of the shrinky-dink Zoe made me for this art project.  How flipping sweet is that?  At first I didn’t understand what it was (because apparently I never had a childhood) but after reading her card and the set of instructions that came with it, I promptly ran around the house screaming with excitement.  Zoe is my Punctuation (and pen) Pal, my favorite rock toucher and without a doubt one of the coolest people I have ever met.  She’s honest and kind and knows amazing things.  I kind of met her by accident, but thank the sweet cherry trees I did.  She’s written letters to me for almost two years now and if I ever need to talk about anything at all–I know she’s up for a debate.  Thanks for being awesome, Zoe!

Oh, and here’s a video of me shrinking the shrinky-dink!

Week Fifty-Nine

Today I lost 2 pounds, bringing my grand total to 68!  I’m getting closer and closer to the big 100, and to be completely honest, that makes me really excited.  I’m not sure what I’ll do when I reach that goal, but I have some time to plan it out.  My other goal of training to run a mile failed miserably, but there’s always the winter months to work on it.

This week has been insane for me–lots of new changes are coming up and I’m rushing to finish my library project in time for the end of the summer.  I finally visited the beach for the first time and had a great day with friends and sand castles.  I hope to visit again before the end of August.  Beyond this, I’ve been the usual bundle of books, work, and planning ahead.  That’s all for now–I wish you all a great week!

iZombie: Dead to the World (Volume One)

iZombie: Dead to the World (Volume One)

Chris Roberson

I came across this graphic novel by accident while at a Barnes and Noble where a very friendly man was telling me all about his favorites series.  It’s about a girl named Gwen who happens to be a zombie.  She must eat one brain a month to remain conscious and not revert to being a mindless monster.  When she does, she’s filled with the recently deceased’s memories and thoughts for a little while.  I worried it would be disappointingly similar to Chew.  Thankfully, it’s not.

The novel doesn’t have the same gross humor of Chew, and instead it focuses more on the emotional aspect of living as part of the undead world.  I didn’t feel like the characters (outside of Gwen) were very deep and developed, but it might be the result of this being the first volume.  The art is cool and reminds me of the classic comic book style rather than the grand illustrations I’m used to.  All in all, while not the most amazing thing I’ve ever read, I enjoyed the plot and promise for more action to come.  I’ll definitely be checking out the next in line.

The Bookmark Postcard

This postcard comes from Canada.  It’s pretty cool because if you chop it in half, it becomes two bookmarks.  On the back of each one is a quote (trust me on this, I forgot to scan it).  I like the postcard too much to cut it in half, but I really like the idea.

Merrick VS Long Beach


 From the outside (and inside), Merrick is a beautiful library.  There is parking directly beside the building as well as a large lot across the street.  Also, the street you have to cross isn’t a busy road, so there isn’t a problem facing a heavy traffic flow between your car and the library.  As I walked in, I immediately noticed that they have the coolest bike rack I’ve ever seen.  I’ll post the picture further down.  Anyway, the inside is large, bright and includes two floors.  Reference is on the ground floor.  I went there first and asked a pleasant librarian for help finding a book.  She wasn’t able to find it, but she did show me the section where several other books on my topic were located.  I chose one I liked and then made my way upstairs, which is where the media, young adult and children’s departments are located.

They have a separate room for teens with some of their collection outside of the room.  They didn’t have a lot of graphic novels, but I found an interesting one nonetheless.  While I looked, I tried to make eye contact with a woman who was sitting at a desk beside me–I had a question I wanted to ask regarding the DVDs.  She was reading something and didn’t look up at me when I first approached the desk or when I returned to ask my question, so I didn’t wait long beside the desk.  My question wasn’t too important, and I figured I could ask the circulation clerk later in my trip.  Instead, I continued on to the children’s department.

The walls are painted with an undersea theme–and they even have a fish tank.  I don’t mean a bowl-sized fish tank either.  This thing was huge and had all sorts of fish inside.  I especially liked that they had paragraphs of information on top of the tank regarding what was inside.  I thought this was great, mostly because I found this insanely cool looking starfish and immediately wanted to know what it was called.  The tank is all the way in the back of the room, so for people like me who get excited to see animals in the library, it forces them to walk across the big department in order to scope out what’s in the tank.  I’m not sure if this was done on purpose, or if it was done to kind of separate the play area from the rest of the department (or both), but if this is the case, it’s an extremely clever idea.  It works perfectly.

Checking out was easy.  I handed a kind woman my material and we talked about the weather (I can’t help it) while she scanned all my stuff.  I was out of there in no time, happily toting my books to my car and thinking about fish.

Long Beach

Parking for this library was a bit confusing.  There are spots in front, but also spots across the street in a lot.  There are a lot of lights and entrances and exits, so I had to loop around the block once before figuring out how to nab a parking spot.  I had a really hard time not running to the beach (I don’t know how employees here come to work on sunny days) because it’s not too far from the sandy shore.  I also imagined whether it would be possible to have a book mobile driving up and down the boardwalk with bestsellers for beach goers, but I’m really getting off topic now.

Inside was dark compared to the sunny street.  I hopped over to reference where a massively nice librarian helped me find a book.  I told her more specifically what I was looking for while we walked to the shelves together and she cracked friendly jokes about their tiny selection while she pointed some titles out.  They had dozens and dozens of books to choose from (hence all the joking).  I actually had a hard time finding just one to check out because there were so many titles that sounded interesting.  AND THEN, to make matters worse, as I was walking away from the shelves, I happened to catch a glimpse of cookbooks that dealt with chocolate recipes.  After I drooled over several delicious sounding books, I tried to leave the library (again) and instead, found myself face-to-face with the wall of graphic novels.

Yes.  That’s right.  A wall.  And not just a wall of short shelves, I mean a wall of oh-God-can-I-reach-that-high shelves FULL of graphic novels.  It took every ounce of strength not to hug the books.  Now I understand why whenever I request a graphic novel, Long Beach is one of the libraries to always send materials.  I was in my glory.  I scanned the titles, vowed to read them all one day, and sadly chose just one to take home.

I noticed a media nook on my way out (at this point, I’m lucky I noticed anything at all on account of my frantic scribbling of graphic novel titles in a notebook I had in my bag), and after a pleasant (and slightly awkward) conversation with the circulation clerk, I was excited to speed home to read my books.  The clerk told me that the library has book drops on the boardwalk, which I thought was completely awesome.  She also said that Long Beach has the biggest graphic novel collection in all of Nassau County.  While I was really happy, I feel like she let out some spoilers, haha.  It really was a beautiful adult graphic novel collection.


This match is extremely close.  I really had to ponder this one for a while.  Both buildings had parking across the street, though Merrick’s lot was extremely easy to use and the street wasn’t as hard to cross.  The librarian that helped me at Long Beach was very knowledgeable of her library’s collection while also being very funny and nice.  She didn’t bother looking up numbers or handing me papers, she just popped over to the shelf and offered me their huge selection.  On terms of study space, I have to give Merrick a lot of props–their library is very bright.  There were plenty of places to study at Long Beach too, but the lack of sunlight made me favor my first visit.  Both circulation clerks were kind and processed my materials speedily.  At Long Beach, I felt the staff were all very conscious of being ready to help any patron that walked by–they not only know their library well, but they seem to really have fun at work.  Thus, with a lot of debating, I give this round to:


The Stuff of Legend: The Jungle (Book Two)

The Stuff of Legend: The Jungle (Book Two)

Mike Raicht

Ever since I read the first volume in this new series, I have been dying to get my hands on the next one.  I heard there was a problem with the first batch of books published–the binding wasn’t done correctly, so several dozen pages came out of the book after one reading (if it lasted that long).  This caused quite a delay in reading since libraries that got the book early had to discard it before it could be lent to many people, and people who bought the book had to sit through several returns before getting a copy that didn’t explode upon opening.  The company was really nice and apologetic about the situation, so don’t judge them on this misprint.  Mistakes happen!

Anyway, the volume was well worth the wait.  I told myself I’d read only a few pages a day but I didn’t last long.  I call this the Harry Potter syndrome.  It’s when you know the next installment isn’t coming for a while, so you try to make the current volume last as long as possible.  However, the reading is so good that willpower caves and you finish it in a few hours.  I loved every second of this volume.

There’s more betrayal (and one that comes as quite the surprise).  There’s tons of action, so those of you hoping for more fighting scenes will be pleased.  There are new characters, old characters and alliagence changes–this volume has it all.  The artist remains the same, so we get more of the quality, scrap-book like illustrations that make this series great.  The characters are so wonderfully done, I’ve fallen in love with many of them, while others are so terrible, I hate the very sight of them.  If that’s not great storytelling, then I don’t know what is.

Even though I had to wait some time to snag a copy, this series has completely captured my interest.  I’m already counting down the days until the third book comes out!

Piece #8 – Nick

Nick made his picture on the computer, which is pretty spifftacular.  As you can see, I am wearing my red dress as well as all of the hats I’ve made–sexy swing outfit.  I can’t actually imagine swing dancing with all those hats on.  I sense it would end in a great disaster.  I’m also in a library with an instant-messager for a head.  Pretty accurate, I’d say.

I’m almost positive Nick is part unicorn.  He’s THAT awesome.  He never hesitates to help me out and he’s more than willing to go above and beyond any friendship call.  He’s wonderful and just completely great.  I am extremely fortunate to know and have him in my life.

Week Fifty-Eight

This week I lost .8 for a grand total of 66 pounds.  The one thing I’ve really noticed is how much fruit I eat now compared with how much I used to eat a year ago.  I don’t eat very many dessert foods, so to me, fruit is very sweet.  If asked back before I started working on making my life healthier, I’d never guess I would happily exchange cake for a banana, haha.

Editing has been picking up lately.  This week I got through another chapter (check the counter, I wouldn’t lie!) and I plan on editing a lot this week as well.  It’s the home stretch and I’m determined to finish it!  Maybe even by the end of the summer?  Maybe.  Beyond this, I plan on seeing Harry Potter again tonight and beaching tomorrow.  You know, because it isn’t hot enough yet.  I hope everyone has a cool (literally and figuratively) week!

Bone: Tall Tales

Bone: Tall Tales

Jeff Smith

I’m a huge fan of the Bone series.  I remember reading them as a kid and completely adoring them.  As an adult, I’ve read through each volume and still found them to be great fun.  This volume is a cute little addition to the series.  It features short stories of a pre-Bone series world told from a time after the events of the nine main volumes (little bones are camping).  Campfire stories are told regarding the start of Boneville, its founder and several tidbits are revealed about the rat creatures and their tails.  The short stories are chained together by the camping trip, so in a way, it still fits the mold of the other linear Bone books.  I especially liked the stupid, stupid rat creatures and the Red Dragon.  It’s nice to see old friends again!

If you’re a fan of this series, then I suggest picking this one up.  It’s not as good as the main nine volumes, but it’s a great little extra for anyone who wants another taste of Jeff Smith’s world.

Rainbow Bath

This awesome card comes from a woman located in Finland.  It’s even brighter than the picture in reality.  I have to say, this is one of my favorite postcards to date.  When I buy my own house, I will decorate my bathroom this way.