Cherry Trees

Here’s a gorgeous postcard sent to me by my good friend Zoe.  Talk about beautiful–these are my favorite trees.  When I was born, my grandfather helped plant a cherry tree in front of my house.  For a long time, it bloomed before any other tree, and made me happier than a clam in sauce.  Around the time I entered high school, it started to die on one side, so my mom decided to cut it down.  It’s not the same, but I taped this postcard to my window.  Now I get to see blossoms all year!

Also: Zoe drew a teeny TARDIS next to the tree.  You can only see it if you own a sonic screwdriver (which I do, of course).

One thought on “Cherry Trees”

  1. Don’t forget to tell them about the super secret special drawing, visible only to those with the power of the Sonic Scewdriver.

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