The Walking Dead: No Way Out (Volume Fourteen)

The Walking Dead: No Way Out (Volume Fourteen)

Robert Kirkman

I’ve been praying for the smallest hint that the series would pick up again after two disappointing volumes.  Kirkman seems to be playing the same kind of plot over and over again–and this volume is no different.  So why do I like it to much more than the previous two volumes?

The threat of losing beloved main characters came back, and for a while, tons of characters were lost.  It was just like old times, when one false move could mean the end.  Even though the new safe-haven-under-attack has been played out before (remember the prison), I was terrified to lose my favorite character.  I swear–the moment Glen goes, I quit this series.

Rick seemed very out of character in this volume though its a change I feel has been due for a long time.  He’s our main character and I know that regardless of who dies around him, we’re stuck with Rick.  I’d very much appreciate it if he gets his act together and moves on.

For this series to keep my interest, Kirkman needs to not only ensure that Glen lives forever, but that a new plot comes along.  When are the characters going to quest for something more than safety?  Don’t they want to know how to beat the zombies?  Or what caused it?  Are they going to try to hold onto this village forever?  He needs to give his characters a purpose and a focus.  He needs to give his readers reasons and explanations.  Also, Kirkman needs to give us a main character that doesn’t make me want to skip ahead to scenes where he’s no where to be found.  While still not as great as the early volumes, this was a huge improvement over the last two.

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