Fables: Rose Red (Volume Fifteen)

Fables: Rose Red (Volume Fifteen)

Bill Willingham

FINALLY.  I have been dying for this volume to come out.  After two disappointing volumes, I really needed something to come and bring the series back from the pit it fell into.  This one certainly did that.  Let’s start from the beginning.

This volume answers a lot of questions we’ve been holding onto about Rose Red, Snow White and Mister Dark.  We get to see some old faces like Frau Totenkinder–who I forgot all about and was massively excited to see again.  And even though tons of questions are finally answered, Willingham makes sure to bring up some new questions.

There’s a lot of action scenes involving Mister Dark, which were awesome, and if this volume wasn’t cool enough, the extras just made my day.  There are tons–there’s comic shorts where celebrity readers got to ask questions which were answered in a page or so, then there was a short story about Pinocchio.  AND THEN THE COOLEST PARTS!  There are pages where you can photocopy the images and build your own theater as well as photocopy little characters and reenact scenes from the series.  How awesome is that?  Seriously, I was like a kid at Christmas.  Of course, you can bring characters back to life if you want, or you can be mature and have Bigby finally marry Boy Blue.  Finally, there is a board game you can play with a friend, which is pretty spiffy.

All in all, this volume makes up for any flaws in the last couple of sets.  There’s lots of promise of seeing Flycatcher again and that is enough to keep me dying for the next volume.  I adore this series–if you haven’t already started it, hop to it!

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