Garden Flowers

I finally caved and tossed the orange tree outside in hopes that it would bloom and bear the fruit of love.  Guess what!  It’s happier than Edward when he gets to yell during finals.  I decided to take some pictures of the orange tree flowers as well as some stunning others around the garden.

Seriously.  Look how happy this mini-tree is:

Here’s a close up of the blossoms:

Next are flowers that crop up every year in the rock garden.  It’s just a small cluster, but I wait for them every year.  They remind me of my grandmother.  She was an expert gardener, who could literally make plants grow out of people’s ears.  She was amazing.  Whenever I see this bunch of bloomers, I think of one vivid memory in particular.

My grandmother and I were sitting together in her living room, watching television.  I remember it was one of those awesome telenovelas–the main female character was finally getting married to her lover.  While my grandmother’s knitting needles clink clanked and I fed her yarn from a ball, she started to cry.  At first it was just sniffles.  Then it was open weeping.  Disturbed by how emotional this TV wedding was making her, I asked her why she was so sad that Maria was finally getting married to Paolo.

Turning to me, she wailed how terrible it made her feel to realize she would never see me get married.  I briefly imagined my own wedding, and confirmed she would indeed be there.  At the wise age of nine, I laughed at her silly worries and handed her a tissue while we finished the blanket she was working on.

She’s been gone for over twelve years now.  I miss her often.  Sometimes I think I can smell her perfume, and for that moment in time, I am greatly comforted.  Anyway, here are the flowers that remind me of her:

Want to get closer?  I’m on it.

I’m going to invite her to my wedding regardless.  I’ll save her some cake.

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