Chew: Just Desserts (Volume Three)

Chew: Just Desserts (Volume Three)

John Layman

I was so excited to get my hands on this volume.  I really do love this series.  In this newest addition, we finally meet up again with Savoy, we get to see the cutest couple alive, and we also get to spend some quality time with the coolest partner.  Seriously, I think cyborg cop (I totally don’t remember his name…so much for favorite character) is my favorite character of the series.  Oh!  And at the end of the volume, we get to meet Tony’s family!

I have a feeling his family (and ex-girlfriend) is going to be a huge chunk of the next volume.  I won’t complain if it is!  While still awesome, this volume wasn’t as good as the last one.  It felt like the authors were more concerned with setting up events for the future than giving us a juicy, action-packed plot.  We did get to learn a lot about the characters though, so I won’t complain.  Hurry up and pick up a copy of this volume!

Remember though, this series is definitely not for kids.  It’s violent, and disgusting–full of cannibalism and blood.  But for the adults that love blood, violence and gross humor: Try this series.  You’ll love it.

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