Flight: Volume One

Flight: Volume One

Kazu Kibuishi

Unlike the other graphic novels series I’ve reviewed, this one doesn’t follow a linear story.  Instead, it’s an anthology of different works by different artists.  All the pieces are tied together by the theme–“flight.”  Some pieces interpret this very literally, while others take a less strict view of what the word means.

This particular volume was okay.  Some pieces were spectacular while others made me want to roll over and die.  There was one piece in particular that I ended up just skipping because I couldn’t understand what was going on at all.  It might be because I have no appreciation for the pieces that were more artsy rather than straight traditional stories.  If I have to sit and ponder what the hell is going on in a picture, I lose patience with the graphic novel.

There are several others in the series, and I am sure they’re bound to get better as they go on.  Volume one is significantly smaller than any other, which leads me to wonder if Kibuishi had trouble finding submissions for his idea.  While this volume was mediocre, I still recommend reading it.  Also, check out that cover–the covers of the books in this series are breathtaking.

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