Chew: Taster’s Choice (Volume One)

Chew: Taster’s Choice (Volume One)

John Layman & Rob Guillory

This series is about a detective that has the unique ability to see a living thing’s complete history just by tasting it.  While this proves quite a problem for him when it’s time for a meal, it becomes super helpful for him when it comes to solving murders.

I first saw this graphic novel on amazon’s suggested reading page.  It looked cute and gross–two qualities I love having in my graphic novels.  I was right.  Chew is funny and disgusting all at the same time.  It makes fun of the culinary world, the government and the crime solving agencies.  It’s violent and vile, but so entertaining.  I loved it.

While I highly recommend this series (especially this volume) to other readers, I will say that it’s very much for mature eyes.  I would only give this one out to adults.  For those of you over the age of 16, go check this one out!

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