I’m quite a fan of Bollywood films.  Ever since Om Shanti Om, I have adored any opportunity to sit and watch one.  Thanks to Netflix, several are at my fingertips.  Margo recommended I watch this one–though I soon realized I had seen the beginning of this film with her before.  For some reason, I never saw what came after intermission.

In any case, I loved it.  The music was fantastic, the story was pleasantly melodramatic and funny, and we get to see several nature shots of India.  It’s not my favorite of the Bollywoods I’ve seen, but it is definitely in the top ten.  There were a few parts that didn’t make sense or were just too completely unrealistic or perfect for my liking.  For example, if Zaara left her fiance, why didn’t he clear everything up with the police and get Veer out of jail?  It’s just silly. The female lawyer makes up for this annoying piece of the film.  Whoo, women!

Besides that, I loved the rest.  The ending is predictable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good (it’s actually perfectly dramatic).  If you enjoy great music, colors, sights and healthy doses of a melodramatic plot, then I highly recommend this one.

One thought on “Veer-Zaara”

  1. I mostly love this movie for the Super Sexy number. Rather risque for a Bollywood film. I think dudeman didn’t clear up the mess because he is the Villain and therefore an evil scumbag, yes? Bollywood villains are cartoony like that.

    We totally never watched any part of this together. Because I just saw it for the first time last fall/winter, when I was back in TX. But I’m glad you watched it all. AND NOW FIND KAL HO NAA HO!!!!

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