Week Fifty

This week I gained .2–probably the result of me eating half my weight in food.  This week I’ll have to make sure to pop in some more exercising and dancing. I’d like to finally be under 200 pounds before the summer.  Yay!

Beyond this, I’ve been cleaning out the kitchen no one uses next to my room.  I’m wishing to start making paper again.  It’s so much fun!  Plus, it gives me stuff to write letters on (as if I need more stuff–I own enough writing supplies to last me the rest of my life).  Also, I’ve decided to start posting the postcards I get from around the world every Wednesday.  Short Story Sunday didn’t work out because I never had enough time around school to write, so I decided to use that day to post art from my little project.  Since I’ve been getting tons of cards from all over, I thought perhaps you guys would be interested in seeing one every week.

Finally, the last week for art pieces is winding down.  Starting a week from today, I’ll begin posting the drawings.  Thanks go out to those who already submitted their stuffs!  That’s all for now.  I send my love and affection to you all!

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