H. M. Hoover

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This book was on several lists detailing the best children’s sci-fi stories of all times.  Not being one to read a lot of science fiction, I decided to check it out.

Orvis is the futuristic story about a robot who is ordered to walk to a landfill and shut itself down.  On the way, he meets two kids, who spark the beginning of his quest to discover himself and become independent of humans.

I enjoyed the story a lot–the main characters find themselves on a big adventure that kept me entertained and turning each page.  My only complaint is that the entire book seemed to be focused on how humans are ruining the environment.  At times, the text was almost pedantic and heavy with warnings about pollution and the dangers of cosmetic surgery.  Because this is a children’s book, I found this aspect annoying and it often pulled me out of the story.

Besides the heavy warnings and predictions for our lonely future, Orvis is a great sci-fi novel for children in grades four through six.

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