Billy Elliot (2000)

This is a movie about a young boy from the UK who loves to dance.  He secretly pursues his passion, but meets a lot of resistance from his family and neighbors before they realize this is his calling and they should support him as best they can.

I thought the movie was very real in the sense that it showed a boy and his struggling family, and the prejudices of his town without sugarcoating his adventure.  Billy Elliot nearly messes up his chances at attending a school for gifted dancers because of his anger problems–a trait that clearly runs in the family.  The movie explores the hard life of workers on strike, the conflicting feelings and compromises his father has to face regarding work as well as his family.  Sometimes watching him fall, only to get up and fall again was a bit hard.  Same goes for Billy’s brother.

The movie also briefly touches on homosexuality when Billy and his best friend have a bit of a “moment.”  The last five minutes of the movie were the most satisfying (in my opinion).  I was glad they included that.  As a whole I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes films where a hero struggles for 90% of the film just to achieve their lifelong dream.

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