Hellboy: Conqueror Worm (Volume Five)

Hellboy: Conqueror Worm (Volume Five)
Mike Mignola

Unlike the last two, this volume wasn’t so much composed of short stories as it was concerned with a long arc.  Though sad to see the quick, carefree, question-answering stories go, the arc featured in this volume was worth it.  We get to see Roger (door-knocker crotch guy) again while Hellboy has to deal with his destiny.  Again.  The poor guy is just never going to get a break.

I think this volume shows us the most of Hellboy’s personality.  He deals with many moral choices when it comes to Roger, and the things he decides show a lot about his nature.  Now that his right arm has been explored to death (I’m beginning to feel as frustrated as Hellboy), I hope the volumes start taking a different route.  There’s several more volumes in the series, so I’m interested to see if they continue to pound this point to pieces, or introduce something new.

Like the one before it, this volume was great and if you like the series, you’ll love this one.

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