Hellboy: The Right Hand of Doom (Volume Four)

Hellboy: The Right Hand of Doom (Volume Four)

Mike Mignola

This series keeps getting better and better.  This volume is much like the last–it’s comprised mostly of short mini-issues.  I’ve got to admit that I really enjoy it this way.  Volume four opens with an incredibly short issue about pancakes defeating the princes of Hell.  After reading that, I know I will love this series until the end of time.

Short bits fill the remainder of the volume until the very end when there is a longer, serious issue regarding Hellboy’s purpose (more specifically his right hand).  There was a moment when the whole main plot was summarized in an issue (like a quick recap), and at first I was a bit annoyed to have to read a synopsis of what I already read myself.  However, it put several episodes together in chronological order when they weren’t offered to readers in that way.  It made reading them out of order much easier to understand.  This was a quick read that left me wanting more.  On to the next one!

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