Let’s ignore the fact that I am a tad bit embarrassed to be reviewing this movie.  I have nothing against James Marsden–he’s good looking and seems like a nice guy.  But I can’t for the life of me figure out what would possess him to do a movie like this.  I saw this one because it looked like it would be a sassy kid’s movie (and I like Russell Brand).

For the most part, Hop did its best to follow the trend set by Shrek.  Jokes sometimes took double meanings, and when they did, they often did a good job.  There were tons of jokes adults would understand and yet were still adorable for kids.  My huge problem with the whole thing?  It was was too corny.  The plot was completely ripped off of the Santa Claus (the one with Tim Allen).  This level of cornball is okay for Christmas movies only.  Winter i the season of giving and decorating and birth and hugs.  The Easter bunny is just not allowed to be so cheesy.  Easter is about the death of Christ and chocolate bunnies.  I suppose I just wished this movie wasn’t so predictably corny.

While it was a cute movie for the kids to go to, it’s definitely not something adults should look forward to paying for.  Wait until this one is at the library for borrowing before watching it.

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