Sandman: Endless Nights

Sandman: Endless Nights

Neil Gaiman

This volume doesn’t quite belong to the Sandman series in the sense that it follows the main plot.  Instead, it’s a collection of stories about each of the seven siblings.  There were a few parts that you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve read the series, so I would suggest reading this “extra” after finishing all the other volumes.

Each sibling gets one issue.  It begins with Death (haha) and ends with Destiny.  Some stories were great, such as Dream’s and Desire’s tale while others, like Despair’s mush of short snippets made me cringe a little.  Delirium’s story follows the same kind of random collage of stories found in Despair’s chapter, except her issue (in my opinion) is better resolved and entertaining.  Destiny’s story was more of a finish to the volume rather than a tale in itself, which I suppose is a commentary on destiny itself.  I did like the bit about what will happen after he finally closes his book.  I often feel that tingle of excitement when I finish a novel and I haven’t picked what I’ll read next. Endings are sometimes just as grand at beginnings.

All in all, I liked this extra piece of Gaiman’s Sandman universe.  I was always a bit fan of the siblings and getting to visit them again was a nice trip.  If you’ve finished the Sandman volumes and crave a bit more, pick this one up.  It’s a quick, pleasant read.

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