I found out about this movie in a very weird way.  I was looking to buy the Angel (the television show) soundtrack and I accidentally bought a track from this movie.  I loved the music and listen to it all the time.  I even played it while I wrote one of the super important scenes of my novel.  I added the movie to my netflix queue, only to find out it wasn’t available.  Several years later, it popped up on my instant viewing.

I watched it faster than a polar bear could grab a coke.  I understand the movie is satire and poking at melodramas, but for Heaven’s sake it was a bad movie.  What’s the point of making fun of something if what you produce is so painful to sit through?  Nothing is worse than something criticizing a work only to turn out a million times worse than the original.  I mean, Om Shanti Om was supposed to parody Bollywood films and it might possibly be my favorite Bollywood of all time.  The characters were lame and never once redeemed themselves enough for me to understand why I watched this film through to the end.  At first I sympathized with Esme for all he had to go through regarding his painting and his wife, but then he went and betrayed me by becoming a total tool.  Bleck, it was just bad.  Pass me a sappy melodrama any day.  I can honestly say that the only great things in this movie are the costumes.  They are perfect.  If you’re big into costumes, then grab a bowl of cranberries and ignore what goes on for the sake of seeing some outfits worthy of murder.  If you’re in it for the plot and characters, stay away!

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