The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone (Volume Thirteen)

The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone (Volume Thirteen)

Robert Kirkman

I’ve been waiting for this volume to reach me for a few months now.  The last volume left the series in a hole I worried would ruin the storyline.  Rick’s actions were out of character and irrational.  I worried that what he was planning would ruin the cast of main characters morally (not to mention have them all die), and I would lose interest in the series (one I have ranted and raved about to everyone).

This volume, however, puts many of those worries to rest.  Rick gets back on track, Glen survives yet another volume (I will explode if this character ever kicks the bucket) and things take a turn for the better in the sense of plot.  I am very interested to see in which direction the story trots next.  There’s many ways it can turn, but at this point, I’m having trouble predicting what major damage will happen next.  It seems there is a set-up for a new romance in Rick’s future.  Michonne comes in as a strong voice of reason.  And good ol’ Abe shows he’s more than just a sexy mustache.  Even a Governor-type threat is squashed within pages.  It seems outside threats are done for.  This leaves the new threat to come from inside the gates.

If you’ve read most of the series, I suggest you continue to volume 13.  While the last one left much to be desired, this one sets us up for (hopefully) some major fireworks in the future volumes.  I give it a 4/5.

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