Fables: Witches (Volume Fourteen)

Fables: Witches (Volume Fourteen)

Bill Willingham

This volume is the last you’ll be seeing of Fables for a while.  Having finished it, I am current with the series and must wait (like all the other fans) for the next volume to come out.  According to amazon, it’ll be here in the middle of April.  No worries though!  I’ll be spamming you with another series brought to me by Bubbles (and after that, another series suggested to me by hot-guy-in-class).  However, without further ado–the review!

I wish I could say my final review (for now) was for a volume that blew my mind away.  Sadly, this volume was just okay.  The only moment of awe was when I finally realized that the little girl-witch was Princess Ozma.  I was eternally grateful that this volume picked up where we left off before the great fable disaster volume.  Sadly, I’m a little disappointed by all the main character deaths that have happened without reasons explaining if and how they’ll come back.  Also, Mister Dark is really scary looking.  He and Baba Yaga should hook up and have terrifying children together.  Speaking of the Yagster–Bufkin definitely got a promotion in the list of favorite characters after these issues.  I’m glad he got a bigger part.

Speaking of, the beginning of this volume was a bit rough to get through.  I understand why it was necessary, but talk about boring.  And since we’ve hit the beginning, let’s talk about the end.  The extras in this volume are more covers, which made me happy, but just before that we have two issues that take our attention off the pending doom seated in the ruins of Fabletown and bring us over to Flycatcher, who has his own issues in Haven.  I usually hate it when drama is interrupted by side-stories, but I enjoyed this one.

I am pretty excited about the volume that’s still due to come out.  I hope it provides us with some background answers.  As for now, I am going to go shout a certain nursery rhyme involving a little boy who needs to blow his horn.  3/5 for this volume!

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