Fables: The Great Fable Crossover (Volume Thirteen)

Fables: The Great Fable Crossover

Bill Willingham

This was by far the most painful thing I have forced myself to read in a while.  My main motivation for getting through  the volume was so I could read the next one (which has an awesome cover).  By just looking this cover, I already knew Jack was going to be coming back into the story.  He was never one of my favorite characters, and I was glad when he left to start his own series.  I had no plans to read his spin-off, and if this volume is any indication of how that one runs, I am eternally grateful for my decision.

The issues deal with Jack, the Literals (who have never been part of the Fables storyline) and some crazy guy who wants to rewrite the universe.  I had no idea who the Page Sisters were until the every end (something I’m sure I’d know if I read Jack of the Fables) and frankly, I didn’t care.  I disliked the characters from Jack’s series, and didn’t find them worth the confusion.  Also, the entire deal with this volume being completely meta was very obnoxious.  I don’t need my fun graphic novels for them to pull an English major and analyze themselves.

I don’t think this volume has any place in the Fables series and should be ignored completely.  The only thing it accomplished was forcing me to wish destruction upon Jack and Rose Red.  This volume was a complete and utter waste of time.  I generously give it a 1/5.

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