Week Thirty-Eight

After lost last, I finally lost the remaining 2.6 pounds I needed to bring me to the grand, much awaited 50!  I can finally book that spa day.  Yay!  Now that I think I’ve gotten down healthy eating and exercising regularly, I am going to finally work on doing the one thing I have always wanted to do: run.  I’m starting slowly–right now I’m only running for the last two minutes of my usual workout.  Once I can do that without nearly losing a limb, I will increase it by a minute until at least half of my workout is spent running.  I really want to be able to run a mile without having to call 911.

Outside of this, I’ve been trying to focus on school and writing.  Unrelated: I bought this tomato mud mask stuff.  When it hardens it constricts, so after 10 minutes, I was forced to make that duck face girls think is adorable to do in photos.  My skin was all clean after though!  Also, I have a birthday party to go to today–Simon’s best friend Riley is turning 5.  I’ll make sure to take photos!  Have a great week!

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