Fables: Dark Ages (Volume Twelve)

Fables: Dark Ages (Volume Twelve)

Bill Willingham

With the Adversary out of the way, Fabletown needed a new bad guy.  This volume introduces him into the storyline and with him comes a whole new mess of problems for all of our favorite Fables.  Let me tell you, this guy is super creepy looking.  I feel like most of this volume was spent tying up the lose ends leftover from the Adversary while also unraveling the fabric of Fabletown.

Again, we lose a character I adore, this time without hope of seeing him again.  Rose Red manages to create more drama than is needed, but that only adds to the “oh crap” feeling traveling around the farm.  With everything in ruins (literally and figuratively), I am eager to see how Willingham will pick us back up from this dark hole.  A short review for a short volume.  I’m kind of excited about the next volume, though the cover makes it out as something silly.  We’ll see.  As if this volume, I give it a 4/5

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