Fables: War and Pieces (Volume Eleven)

Fables: War and Pieces (Volume Eleven)

Bill Willingham

This volume pretty much explains what’s inside with the title, though if you’ve read the other volumes that come before this, you’d already know war was at Fabletown’s doorstep.  What surprised me most about the issues at the end of this volume were the casualties of war.  I didn’t think we’d lose the characters we did–and I expected them to come back immediately, like in the case of Snow White.  Even Bigby seems to never die.  I suppose this sets up the questions regarding why certain characters come back from the dead and others don’t.  Previously it was stated that the more we (the Mundies) believe in them, the more solid their immortality is.  If this was the case though, Gretel would have come back immediately when her brother murdered her.  I’m worried about the truth behind this phenomenon.  I hope it’s explored in the next volume.

I see bad things happening in the future of this series–now that the Adversary is gone from the picture and everything seems to have ended in the best of ways, I can only predict tragedy, and lots of it.  I couldn’t put this volume down because I knew things would eventually hit the fan, and knowing it wasn’t in this volume only leaves the door open for the next to bring me to tears.  Man, sometimes it’s really hard to write these without giving away names and specific events.  Regardless, this volume marked the end of one villain and the possible start of another.  Here’s to hoping Boy Blue and Sinbad get it on! I mean…uhh, survive.

Also, I think this volume has the coolest of the covers.  Simple, but awesome.  What do you think?

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