Fables: Sons of Empire (Volume Nine)

Fables: Sons of Empire (Volume Nine)

Bill Willingham

This volume felt kind of like a mix of everything we needed with, well, everything we needed.  It combined a lot of issues that detailed the lives of Fables who aren’t always in the spotlight while also continuing the plot.  I like the fact that this series is able to be about many different characters individually as well as the whole community.

Also, I am so very extra glad they cleared everything up about Santa.  I was wondering about that for a while.  Beyond that, I still think they need to find a new diary font.  It’s quite annoying for the font to be so curly and small.  And speaking of crazy things, Hansel is creeptastic.  He is by far the scariest character we’ve seen.  I really hope he just magically drops down the Witching Well, though I don’t think that’s going to prove an effective way of holding Fables.

The extras in this volume included several very short bits answering reader-submitted questions that weren’t central to the plot.  I thought they were super cute, especially the one detailing Blue’s favorite song.  I like that the extras are different in each volume.  Variety is the spice of life.  I’m eager to read the next volume!  Regardless, I give this one a 5/5.

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