Week Thirty-Six

I lost a pound this week!  That makes a total of 46.6 pounds lost.  Tonight I had some low carb pizza, which was surprisingly very delicious–something I think I can make myself one of these days.  I’ll probably attempt it and post my findings later this week.

I didn’t complete all the goals I set for last week, so this week I am going to make extra sure that I make it to the gym!  Even it snows a batrillion feet, I will be walking on that treadmill.

This is going to sound strange, but I think I’ve lost some weight in my feet.  I tried on a lot of shoes today and many shoes I think normally wouldn’t fit actually did fit and looked rather sexy.  I was pleased. My next goal is going to be finding a sexy pair of black pumps.

That’s all I have for you this week.  Happy days, everyone!

One thought on “Week Thirty-Six”

  1. OMG SHOES. i want to go shoe shopping with you. did i tell you about the super sexy shoes i bought myself for my birthday? they are totally impractical and FABULOUS.

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