Hellboy: Seed of Destruction (Volume One)

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction

Mike Mignola

Look guys, a new series!  Before reading this volume, I only knew that there was a movie out that I never saw and the guy who played the main character had to wear a lot of make-up.  Apparently I live under a rock.  Anyway, the cover looked interesting and I’ve heard good things about it, so I decided to try it out.

Firstly, I really enjoy the art.  It reminds me a bit of Sandman.  The main character is pretty awesome.  He looks cool and the mystery surrounding his right hand and his origins were built up enough in this volume to make me keep reading.  I also really enjoy reading his narration of events and people.  He’s got a great voice and a spunky, hilarious personality.

There were two other characters introduced in these issues that I suspect will be joining us again in later volumes–or at least I hope they will continue to stick around.  Of the two, I especially like Abe.  His name alone is enough to make me adore him.  I only have one question for those who have read this volume:  There is this weird yellow flake stuff in scenes involving the frog things or the old guy with the harpoon.  What is that?

Overall, I very much enjoyed this volume.  It was fun to read!  If you enjoy stories involving large, red, paranormal investigators with a tail, a weird right arm–especially ones brought into this world by Nazis, then I sincerely recommend you read this.  The extras at the end of the volume include a short author commentary about the origins of Hellboy with some illustrations and two extra mini-issues that were used as promotional releases.  Hop to it!  Go check this volume out from your library!  I give it a 4.5/5!

Dear Woman Who Dumped Three Empty Plastic Bottles Onto Someone’s Front Lawn,

What were you thinking?  Were they so insanely heavy and inconvenient that you couldn’t hold onto them until you saw someone’s trash–or better yet, a stray recycle bin?  I should have honked at you and scared you silly, but by the time I caught you being an asshat in my rear-view mirror, I was already across the turnpike.  I hope plastic attacks you wherever you go, like in that picture book where that kid litters and the garbage starts sticking to him every time he moves.  You made me so angry!  You deserve to have peanuts thrown at you from trees every time you leave your house.


The disgusted chick in the black corolla

Week Thirty-Nine

Today I lost .6, for a total of 50.8 pounds gone forever.  I honestly thought I was going to gain weight today, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Thanks, body!  In another 13, I’ll be under 200 pounds!  That’s my next goal.  I haven’t weighed that much since 8th grade.  I also haven’t been to the gym in a bit, but when I return tomorrow, I will make sure to keep working on the running.  I’ve been liking it.  I don’t have much else to update you on–Margo and I have been hanging out and having fun.  We beat guitar hero together!

Hopefully the next weigh-in post brings some updates for you guys.  Hope you have a nice week!

OH!  Also, I started up a new poll since Percy Jackson finally won the other poll.  While I read that one, vote on the next book I should read!

Dear Guy Who Tried To Prank Call Me,

Haha, I totally turned the tables on you!  You thought you got me when you started talking about pizza hut, but I not only kept your prank call going, but I made you think you had pranked the wrong number.  One point me, zero points prank caller.  Thanks for making my night!


“Melissa from pizza hut”

Fables: Witches (Volume Fourteen)

Fables: Witches (Volume Fourteen)

Bill Willingham

This volume is the last you’ll be seeing of Fables for a while.  Having finished it, I am current with the series and must wait (like all the other fans) for the next volume to come out.  According to amazon, it’ll be here in the middle of April.  No worries though!  I’ll be spamming you with another series brought to me by Bubbles (and after that, another series suggested to me by hot-guy-in-class).  However, without further ado–the review!

I wish I could say my final review (for now) was for a volume that blew my mind away.  Sadly, this volume was just okay.  The only moment of awe was when I finally realized that the little girl-witch was Princess Ozma.  I was eternally grateful that this volume picked up where we left off before the great fable disaster volume.  Sadly, I’m a little disappointed by all the main character deaths that have happened without reasons explaining if and how they’ll come back.  Also, Mister Dark is really scary looking.  He and Baba Yaga should hook up and have terrifying children together.  Speaking of the Yagster–Bufkin definitely got a promotion in the list of favorite characters after these issues.  I’m glad he got a bigger part.

Speaking of, the beginning of this volume was a bit rough to get through.  I understand why it was necessary, but talk about boring.  And since we’ve hit the beginning, let’s talk about the end.  The extras in this volume are more covers, which made me happy, but just before that we have two issues that take our attention off the pending doom seated in the ruins of Fabletown and bring us over to Flycatcher, who has his own issues in Haven.  I usually hate it when drama is interrupted by side-stories, but I enjoyed this one.

I am pretty excited about the volume that’s still due to come out.  I hope it provides us with some background answers.  As for now, I am going to go shout a certain nursery rhyme involving a little boy who needs to blow his horn.  3/5 for this volume!



Suzanne Collins

I finally finished the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  At first I was ready to give this book a bad review.  I was growing very tired of Katniss and her lame narration, I hated just about every character (possibly with the exception of Peeta and Finnick) and I was beginning to notice that every chapter ended in the exact same format.

I was annoyed that the girl we follow everywhere was so unaware of herself and those around her.  She’s always blaming herself for everything, and if she can make a situation harder, she usually goes that route.  At the end of the novel, when everything that could possibly have gone wrong has gone wrong, I began to realize that this story captures my attention for more reasons that trying to figure out faults in the main character.  I genuinely like the tale about a lost society trying to find its way into the future.  I like most of the characters.  I want them to be happy, and to win and to finally get to rest in safety.

The last couple of pages really make the story complete–and I can tell you I never saw that coming.  It was there that I was reminded that Katniss was tossed into this mess as a teenager, and by her own thoughts admits to being imperfect.  I’ll forgive her faults in exchange for an entertaining story.  While she may sometimes make me wish horrible deaths upon her, I’ve decided that her will to continue fighting to create a better future for Panem counters some of her flaws.

There were a lot of deaths in this series, especially in this book.  While Katniss constructs her book of memories, I found myself remembering them all too.  I was happy to remember them, even if I longed to read lines where they lived again.  The series was entertaining, and this book might just be my favorite of the three.  I recommend them to anyone looking for a high-energy read about a dystopian society trying very desperately to right itself.  I give this novel a 5/5

Fables: The Great Fable Crossover (Volume Thirteen)

Fables: The Great Fable Crossover

Bill Willingham

This was by far the most painful thing I have forced myself to read in a while.  My main motivation for getting through  the volume was so I could read the next one (which has an awesome cover).  By just looking this cover, I already knew Jack was going to be coming back into the story.  He was never one of my favorite characters, and I was glad when he left to start his own series.  I had no plans to read his spin-off, and if this volume is any indication of how that one runs, I am eternally grateful for my decision.

The issues deal with Jack, the Literals (who have never been part of the Fables storyline) and some crazy guy who wants to rewrite the universe.  I had no idea who the Page Sisters were until the every end (something I’m sure I’d know if I read Jack of the Fables) and frankly, I didn’t care.  I disliked the characters from Jack’s series, and didn’t find them worth the confusion.  Also, the entire deal with this volume being completely meta was very obnoxious.  I don’t need my fun graphic novels for them to pull an English major and analyze themselves.

I don’t think this volume has any place in the Fables series and should be ignored completely.  The only thing it accomplished was forcing me to wish destruction upon Jack and Rose Red.  This volume was a complete and utter waste of time.  I generously give it a 1/5.

Week Thirty-Eight

After lost last, I finally lost the remaining 2.6 pounds I needed to bring me to the grand, much awaited 50!  I can finally book that spa day.  Yay!  Now that I think I’ve gotten down healthy eating and exercising regularly, I am going to finally work on doing the one thing I have always wanted to do: run.  I’m starting slowly–right now I’m only running for the last two minutes of my usual workout.  Once I can do that without nearly losing a limb, I will increase it by a minute until at least half of my workout is spent running.  I really want to be able to run a mile without having to call 911.

Outside of this, I’ve been trying to focus on school and writing.  Unrelated: I bought this tomato mud mask stuff.  When it hardens it constricts, so after 10 minutes, I was forced to make that duck face girls think is adorable to do in photos.  My skin was all clean after though!  Also, I have a birthday party to go to today–Simon’s best friend Riley is turning 5.  I’ll make sure to take photos!  Have a great week!

Fables: Dark Ages (Volume Twelve)

Fables: Dark Ages (Volume Twelve)

Bill Willingham

With the Adversary out of the way, Fabletown needed a new bad guy.  This volume introduces him into the storyline and with him comes a whole new mess of problems for all of our favorite Fables.  Let me tell you, this guy is super creepy looking.  I feel like most of this volume was spent tying up the lose ends leftover from the Adversary while also unraveling the fabric of Fabletown.

Again, we lose a character I adore, this time without hope of seeing him again.  Rose Red manages to create more drama than is needed, but that only adds to the “oh crap” feeling traveling around the farm.  With everything in ruins (literally and figuratively), I am eager to see how Willingham will pick us back up from this dark hole.  A short review for a short volume.  I’m kind of excited about the next volume, though the cover makes it out as something silly.  We’ll see.  As if this volume, I give it a 4/5

Dear Spring,

You are such a tease!  Today was like only lifting the slight corner of your dress just half-way up your thigh when you and I both know the rest won’t be coming for a long time.  Still, I had the most pleasant of days.  Even though I spent most of my day staring at you through the windows at work, I did get a chance to walk around in your deliciously warm weather for over than hour.  I hope you decide to stay around longer next time.  I miss your green face.


The chick running with the mini Schnauzer