Chicken and Rice Wrap

Here’s a recipe that started as chicken enchiladas, and ended as basically a wrap with chicken and rice.  Here’s how I made it:

In a pot, put–

One cup uncooked rice

One can of black beans (I used Goya), washed and drained

One cup of Old El Paso Salsa

One can Old El Paso Enchilada sauce–but save about two teaspoons for the chicken.

I added some water to the rice as well (about a cup), and set this on the stove at low heat to cook until it was done.  While this was cooking, I got three chicken breasts, cut them in half, and seasoned them with some of the enchilada sauce.  I’m sure they’re taste just as wonderful if you modify this step to use whatever seasonings you enjoy most.  After, I set them on a grill to bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.  Half-way through, I turned them over and added some more enchilada sauce to the other side.

Finally, when the rice and the chicken were both done, I took one whole wheat wrap, put down a layer of rice, sprinkled chopped up chicken breast on top, and closed it up.  Next time, I think I might add some shredded cheese as well.  My brother really liked it, and since we used medium salsa, it had a little bit of a kick to it.  Enjoy!

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