Fables: Arabian Nights and Days (Volume Seven)

Fables: Arabian Nights and Days (Volume Seven)

Bill Willingham

Here’s another volume I didn’t really care for.  It was definitely better than the last one, but not as good as the few others before it.  Again, I think the reason I found it boring was because Snow White and Bigby don’t play a big part in it.  Boy Blue is back, though he doesn’t really have a big part in the story.  One piece of this volume that I enjoyed is the redemption of Beauty and the continued actions of the likable Beast.  Prince Charming also got chewed out, so that made me pretty happy.

In this volume, as you can probably guess, we get to see a small bit of the Arabian fable world.  Again, I’m not quite sure what the criteria is for including characters, but at this point, I like the series enough to just roll with it.  I wish we could have seen Aladdin, but the series seems to think I should be content with a name-drop.  Hopefully a meeting takes place in a future issue.

Finally, the extra in this volume was an issue featuring wooden characters from the homelands.  While cute, I found it very long and the script font they used was very difficult to read.  I do wonder, however, if these two characters will be showing up in any future issues.  I hope not.

With all the foreshadowing going on in regards to Bigby and the mad search for him, I’m hoping the next volume takes care of that.  He really did add something special to the series, so here’s to hoping he not only is found, but he returns and that whole matter of his invisible cub is settled.  This volume gets a 3/5.

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