On Being Brave

I’ve been trying to up my bravery without having to buy a magical vest or farm for xp.  Instead, I’ve been trying to push myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do, and most of the time I’ve come out with favorable results.  Recently I went swing dancing and they were having a pin-up girl contest.  I signed up (and forced a friend to sign up as well). I didn’t win, but I got several compliments when I returned to the dance floor.  That’s almost as good as winning, right?  Well, minus the cash prize.  And that ugly sash.

The contest made me realize that the worst part of taking risks is the several minutes before the event itself.  Possibly a few during the event.  However, the blissful high of knowing you just did something insane is worth the anxiety, I think.  Though I am no professional at doing things outside of my comfort zone, I am incredibly skilled at faking it (ask Ally about the times when I’ve run into my old roommate).  I’d like to challenge everyone this week to do one thing you normally wouldn’t.  Don’t forget to tell me what you did!

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