Week Thirty-Four

This week I lost .8 for a total of 47.4 pounds.  Sooo cloooose!  If anything, this gives me some more time to save up money for my spa day.  Since, you know, paying for school has completely cleaned me out.  Now I know how my parents felt.  In any case, I did stop by Old Navy.  I officially fit into their regular sizes (at least for pants).  I didn’t find any shirts I was interested in, but I’ll check back in the spring.  I’m pretty excited about this.  There will be a magical celebration when I can fit in the clothes in any store in the mall.  Holy cow, then I’ll really need to save money.

This week seems like it’ll be a very exciting.  Tonight I’ll be swing dancing with friends, so I’ll get a chance to wear my awesome red dress.  If I’m lucky, I’ll snap some pictures and have something to show you.  Have a grand week!

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