Fables: Homelands (Volume Six)

Fables: Homelands (Volume Six)

Bill Willingham

This was quite the disappointing volume.  Maybe I’m reading through them too quickly, but I was so bored with the story in these issues.  While I love me some Boy Blue, I didn’t really care too much about the Homelands.  Even though the Adversary is revealed and lots of stuff goes down, I wasn’t impressed.  Granted, I kind of guessed who was pulling the strings when I read March of the Wooden Soldiers, but seriously?  He has got to be the lamest, most boring villain ever.

And what’s up with that whole Jack beginning?  I thought I was going to fall asleep on the treadmill!  The only thing that came out of showing us what Jack “foolishly” did was my question regarding why he gets his own spin-off series was answered.  Welp, I can tell you what series I won’t be reading.  Bleh.  The beginning was painfully boring, the middle was disappointing and the ending was lame.  This is what happens, Billy, when you take out the two most interesting characters!  I will admit to being pretty happy about seeing Mowgli though.  I’m confused about what the criteria is for characters being in Fables.  Willingham includes some mythological figures and some novel characters.  I’m confused.  I understand the fairytale and nursery rhyme characters, but what makes The Jungle Book part of this world while Lord of the Rings isn’t?  Just wondering.  Sadly, I give this volume 2/5.

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