Dear People In Charge Of Typing Etiquette,

Since when is putting two spaces after a period wrong?  I do that all the time!  I’m doing it now!  I was taught that in high school, and I’m pretty sure it’s still taught that way.  And why are people so angry about the double space after punctuation?  You’d think my double tap on the space bar murdered kittens.  Is it really that horrible?  I don’t think I will stop the use of two spaces after a period, but I’d like you guys to know, you ruined my typing-confidence.  Thanks a lot.


The chick too stubborn not to convert

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  1. I saw an article about that recently. I assume you saw the same or similar, and that’s what caused your ire? Anyway, apparently the 2-space being wrong thing is quite long-standing, but like so many things we’re taught, is wrong and only taught that way because our teachers were taught that way. But I, like you, am super confused about why the 2 spaces make these people SO ANGRY. Dudes, seriously, calm down. It’s a flippin’ arbitrary typing convention. Two spaces after a period does not actually severely interrupt the flow of a paragraph as you claim. See I just did it right there, and I doubt anybody really finds that it interferes with their comprehension.

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