Fables: Mean Seasons (Volume Five)

Fables: Mean Seasons (Volume Five)

Bill Willingham

I could tell by the cover we’d be meeting Snow White’s babies and Frankenstein in this volume, but I couldn’t quite make any of the other hints out.  Though the Frankenstein bit wasn’t really a part of the main story, I did enjoy it.  Plus, it brings to question who the mysterious other fable is (or at least I assume Bigby’s partner in crime is another fable).  I hope we find out soon.

All in all, I am glad things are going poorly for Prince Charming, and I’m glad Beast is learning the ropes–or seems to be willing to learn them.  And speaking of ropes, can I just say Bigby’s Dad is completely awesome?  I never thought we’d see him in the series, but boy am I glad I was wrong!  He isn’t quite the same as our delicious wolf, but he did balance out the disappointment I felt when my man-muffin left.

I enjoyed the little mystery at the end–I solved it after Bigby’s studly father entered the picture, but since I had no idea what was going on before then, I consider it a pleasant (or heart-wrenching) surprise.  The ending of this volume left me feeling sad–mostly because Bigby wasn’t around, Snow White was acting more mature and serious (though she is still dense) and another revolt seems to be close by.  Since everything I wish for comes true, I hope Bigby returns with Boy Blue and there is a major dance party.  I give this volume 5/5

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