Fables: Storybook Love (Volume Three)

I was really excited to read this volume.  Even though I have only read two books so far, I have really been cheering for Snow White and Bigby Wolf to get together.  I was hoping that from the looks of the cover and the title of the volume, they’d be the main focus of the issues.  Oddly enough, the volume did a good job keeping the other characters in check while somewhat focusing on the two.  I liked that a lot.

We see some more fairytale character deaths in this volume, which was interesting.  I am beginning to see a trend in these volumes.  And of course, the subject if Fabletown’s government was brought up at the end of the last issue, so naturally I have been dying to find out more about how things operate.  I have a lot of unanswered questions regarding Bluebeard’s character and I’m hoping they get answered in the next set of issues.

I was happy we finally met Sleeping Beauty–now we just need to meet Cinderella.  I also thought it was awesome when they use her to infiltrate the building.  See guys?  No power/gift is useless!  And speaking of powers!  Bigby’s father being the north wind?  AWESOME.  Is that in the actual story?  I hope not, because I thought it was brilliant in the story.

Finally, there is an extra issue at the end of this volume (I love when graphic novels pack some extra somethings at the end of volumes.  This series isn’t disappointing me there).  It was a nice little addition to the story, and since Bigby is the one telling the story, I thought it was a nice touch to see another side of him.  I give this volume 4.5/5

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