Fables: Animal Farm (Volume Two)

Fables: Animal Farm (Volume Two)

Bill Willingham

There are many things I adore: manatees, stickers and book covers that make a complete picture when you open the book completely.  Lucky for me, Fables believes in awesome covers!  I decided in this post to start including photos of the front and back cover if I can find it, so you guys can see the entire art.  The right side of the picture is the front cover.

Now for the inside: I liked this volume, though not as much as the first.  Animal Farm was never a favorite of mine, so reading a story that draws a lot from that novel was slightly boring.  I was also sad that so many characters (that I thought were pretty important to literature) died.  I suppose it was needed in order to show what our love for fairytale characters does for them.  Snow White is so beloved by all that even a bullet to the head can’t kill her.

I also liked that the boys rolled in to save her just when she’s pretty much taken care of everything.  If you can’t tell yet, I like it when a female character can take care of herself.  I especially like it in this case because Snow White is traditionally a wimp.  Speaking of females, Goldilocks is terrifying.  I really don’t like her at all.  She’s creepy.

Though this volume wasn’t as exciting as the last, I still enjoyed it.  I give it: 3/5

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