Snow Day!

Everyone knows I hate winter.  I hate winter the way lobsters hate pots of boiling water.  It is physically painful for me to endure temperatures cold enough to make me put on my penguin jacket.  I hate that jacket!  However, sometimes nature does something really cool.  Like bury us in several feet of snow!  I went to check the mailbox and instead, saw this:

I can't even open the door. Wait, where are the steps?

Yes, that mound of snow in the front is pressed against the glass door.  I hope the mailpeople have the day off from work too.  I was so excited that the first snow of the season was this epic.  Nature, you win!

Simon and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to run around outside while my brother shoveled everything.  Don’t feel bad!  I shoveled the front of the house while Simon guarded me from cars.  Because of his valiant efforts (not the 45 thousand feet of snow between me and the road), no cars got anywhere near me.  Good job, Simon.

Here’s some photos of our adventures.  You can play find the dog:

Note the street in the upper left corner. Simon is floating on a giant wall of snow.

Me: "Simon, we need a cute picture to show everyone. Look cute!" Simon: *sits* Me: Eh, good enough.

So there you have it.  While I stood in snow up to my knees, Simon ran around and got stuck in the snow.  I had to rescue him from my footprints twice because he fell in and couldn’t hop out.  Before I end this, here’s a short video of Simon running around.  Enjoy the snow!

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