Old Bethpage Candlelight Christmas

Tonight I went to Old Bethpage (the restoration town) for their candlelight event.  Firstly, the area is gorgeous and I am eternally grateful that places like Old Bethpage exist.  When we first got there and started walking around, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly cold it was.  I had a nice handmade scarf and a warm coat, but I forgot gloves and my fingers were like ice pops in minutes!  After I got over the shocking weather, I was able to look up at the batrillions of stars twinkling in the sky.  Everything was lit by candles, so there was no light pollution.  It reminded me very much of upstate NY.  It was beautiful.  Almost magical.  It was beaugical.

In the town, several of the houses were open for visiting.  One of the shops featured a very good looking man making a yuletide broom.  Another had a woman singing Christmas carols with the audience while explaining the meaning behind parts of famous songs (I will never look at holly and ivy the same way again).  The school house was transformed into a concert hall for a man from my hometown and this young boy.  They played the fiddle like they were born with the instrument between their fingers.  My favorite was the bigger shop which featured a woman playing the organ while a man with a very deep and rumbly voice sang songs.  He had a very handsome vest on, and seemed so jolly that had I been younger, I might have believed he was actually Santa.  Before coming home we stopped by the reception house for a magic lantern show, which was cute and funny.

Of course, being by Old Country Rd meant we had to stop at Red Mango for some frozen yogurt.  They have a new dark chocolate flavor that nearly made fireworks explode out of the top of my head.  It was delicious.  Overall, I enjoyed Bethpage very much.  When we were first walking down the path into the town it felt a lot like I was visiting a haunted house.  I found myself tensing up and worrying some random person was going to pop out of the bushes.  Good job, October.  Way to scar me for life.

I rate Old Bethpage’s candlelit night a 4/5.  Stop by and support the historical town!

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