I win!  I finished the 50,000 words, plus an extra one hundred words.  Yay me!  I wrote about a librarian who survives the end of the world.  I was pretty pleased with the way the characters in the story turned out, even though I am very aware that the writing sucks more than a Pleco.  The plot went in directions I didn’t see it going from the beginning, which I always think is quite a magical thing.  Though I’d have to rewrite the entire thing if I ever chose to use it as a novel, I have a lot of material to work with.  I am pleased.

Now that this is done, I can finally take a deep breath, relax and do things I have been greatly neglecting such as: Clean my room, make paper, and write letters.  Oh wait, I forgot to include “edit” on my list.  Awesome.  Well, I can already see how December is going to go!

PS:  This is my 100th post!

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