Sandman: Brief Lives (Volume Seven)

Sandman: Brief Lives (Volume Seven)

Neil Gaiman

Now here’s the volume I was waiting for!  I was hoping we’d finally get to see more of Delirium (mostly because a friend of a friend dressed up like her for Halloween one year and I wanted to know why she chose her) as well as their long-lost brother Destruction.  It took me until the second appearance of the hunky ponytail guy with the talking dog to realize that was him.  My, he’s quite good looking.  I hope the ending isn’t final–I’d certainly like to see him again.

I also really enjoyed having Dream and Delirium paired up for this adventure, especially when it comes to driving.  Her happy face was brilliant.  I think the issues did a good job balancing the seriousness of many things we learn about the family and their roles in the lives of humans with the comedy of events such as Delirium’s driving, and Barnabas back-talking.

I enjoy the idea that some people we know and interact with may be Gods or Goddesses that no longer have anyone praying to them, or beings from a time long ago.  Of these, I especially liked Ishtar’s story.  And speaking of death: Poor Dream!  I was rather sad when I read the bit with him and Orpheus.  I saw it coming, but I didn’t think it would make me so sad.  On an unrelated note, I think Dream and Lucien need to just go on a date.  They’d make an adorable couple.

I was going to take a short break from the series to start Fables, but the questions that are swirling around my head regarding new information that’s been revealed caused me to immediately pick up volume eight.  For example, how did the first Despair die?  And where did Destruction go?  What is the next change for Delirium?  The list continues forever.  More than any other volume, this one made me wish I owned the series so I could go back and reread certain issues once more.  I guess I know what I’ll be asking for during the Christmas season!

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  1. yeah, you now won’t be able to stop until you finish the whole thing. is world’s end volume 8? love that one. I will say that your questions are very interesting questions, but perhaps not the most relevant to the themes of the comic. Dream and Lucien as a couple makes me lol.


    Also, you totally need to read American Gods if you’re enjoying the idea of gods amongst us.

    1. I can’t help it if the little details are more interesting to me, haha. Also, I totally skip over all of them. I plan on going back and reading them after I finish the whole thing–just in case.

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