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At work one of my many responsibilities is painting the windows inside for whatever occasion there is.  It all started when they installed new offices on the young adult side.  The walls were glass, and the head of the department didn’t want everyone watching her eat all the time.  I covered one wall with:

After that, I started painting the windows on a regular basis.  Last summer, the theme for the summer reading club was “Be Creative @ Your Library.”  I painted it (sorry for the crappy quality):

Be Creative @ Your Library!

In the winter I changed it, but I didn’t capture that on a camera.  It was a cute winter scene with snow and a snowman that looked like it would eat children.  I learned my lesson, no more lime-green button eyes for the snowmen.  In the spring, I changed the window to:

Thanks Erin, for taking the picture!

I know, I know, the picnic blanket is floating in the air.  Sue me.  I was an English major.  Then in the summer I changed it again.  The theme this year was “Make a Splash @ Your Library.”  I painted:

Sorry for the glare!

Two days ago, Erin and I started cleaning the window to prepare for the winter.  Sadly, Erin nearly lost a finger on the glass, but then the girl started melting, which I thought was cool:

I should be done with the new window within the next week or so.  I’ll make sure to provide photos!

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