I think it’s about time to introduce the new puppy to my readers.  His name is Simon (I swear I had nothing to do with the name, it was mom’s idea–I wanted to name him either Charlie or Cuddlebutts).  He’s a black miniature Schnauzer.  Here’s a picture!

He may look cute, but he's just looking for the best place to nom.

He adores nothing more than that snap his teeth onto the tender, tender flesh of areas such as, but not limited to: thighs, toes, boobs, forearms and necks.  He and I like to play this game called, “Ow, oh God that hurts, let go.”  It’s a game in which he noms on my hands, and I try not to roundhouse kick him out the window.  He’s got “sit” under his belt, and now we’re focusing on “fetch.”  Most times I throw the toy, he runs like a mad woman to it, then remains like this until I come to get it from him:

The picture is blurry because I suck at taking photos.  In any case, I’m hoping he’ll learn that to continue  playing catch, he has to bring the toy back.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  Finally, Simon’s greatest skill is the art of the second-hand-pee-on-foot.  It’s a very difficult maneuver he has managed to master in a short bit of time.  It goes as follows: First, he pees.  Then, right after, and sometimes while still peeing, he decided he wants to cuddle with me, and plops his belly down on my feet.  It’s absolutely the most incredibly cute thing you have ever seen, until I realize my socks are mysteriously wet.  Then I’m mostly sad.

In another month he’ll be old enough to go outside, which will be super fun and exciting because then I can throw his toys more than 2 feet away from him.  Also, I can’t wait until he tries to nom another, bigger dog.  Expect more of Simon in the future!  Also, doesn’t his collar make him look handsome?  I picked it out.

One thought on “Simon”

  1. maybe before you work on the fetch thing you should work on the noming. ouch.
    the collar is lovely, it sets off his fur nicely.

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