Dear Woman Who Hit My Car While I Was In It,

May squirrels poop on your car for a year.  You and I made eye contact before you hit my car!  What were you thinking?  You had plenty of room to leave your parking spot, yet you still felt the need to back up into the front of my car.  Please take your road test again–and while you’re at it, take physics again!  As much as it might displease you, two objects can’t occupy the same spot.  Stop trying!  Also, I don’t think I have ever seen someone speed away from the “scene of a crime” so quickly.  You’re crazy.


The chick glaring in the black corolla

Sandman: Dream Country (Volume Three)

Sandman: Dream Country (Volume Three)

Neil Gaiman

Review time!  Volume three of the Sandman series was okay.  I enjoyed it, but not as much as the other two volumes.  I liked the issue with the muse and was incredibly excited about Death’s appearance, but “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” left me wanting more.  It could be that it wasn’t my favorite Shakespeare play and that caused me to not really care much about the issue, but I didn’t feel that it has that awesome plot I was hoping for. Instead, I found myself kind of bored with it.

Also, was it me or was this volume super short?  I liked the extras at the end, but I kind of skimmed through them since I has just finished reading the scenes a few minutes earlier.  I feel like either this volume has less issues or they were shorter.  I’ll have to take a look at them again.  I still liked this volume enough to recommend it.  You guys should check it out, if only to see a muse (I love muses–I wish writers could still have a personal muse*) and Death.  My rating: 4/5

*I once read this book called A Certain Slant of Light where a man is able to write because he is haunted by a ghost who loves him and inspires him to keep writing.  It was wonderful to read.

Week Twenty!

Hello lovelies!  This week I lost 2.6 for a grand total of 30.2 pounds!  I finally broke 30!  I officially weigh less than I did when I graduated high school.  If I lose another 34 pounds, I will be the lightest I have been since then end of 8th grade.  Scary thought!

In other news, today is a friend’s wedding.  I bought a new dress for that–and it’s in a size smaller than I usually get!  I should have a photo or two to show you guys.  For those of you who know me, I am finally going to wear those sexy red heels I have been dying to wear for ages.  I feel like I am always promising photos and never follow through, haha.  I’ll have those baby hamsters posted either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.  Promise.  No, really, I promise!

Bayville Haunted Firehouse

Tonight I took a trip over to Bayville to run through their haunted firehouse.  I remember it being amazing the last time I went–sadly, it wasn’t as impressive tonight.  Tickets are only 13 dollars, and it’s clear that the house is a fundraiser for the fire company, so I didn’t feel like I was being overcharged.  The wait on line was annoyingly long, but they have a lot of cool stuff set up to keep everyone entertained while they wait, such as actors in spooky scenes by the line as well as movies playing on the wall.

The place itself is decorated amazingly.  The different environments you could go through were awesome.  The sand pit and moving room were my favorite parts.  If this place had a few more actors (especially the kind that didn’t push or shove), then I think this would be the perfect place to go.  It’s obviously important to the firehouse, and they put a lot of effort into it.  The house wasn’t scary, which is why I am disappointed, but it’s still a cool place to go.  I recommend stopping by–it is, after all, a fundraiser for a good cause.

My official rating?  3/5

Happy Birthday Hammy!

Tonight Eleanor of Aquitaine gave birth to eight cute little ones.  I didn’t quite know she was pregnant.  Yesterday I noticed that she was getting mighty fat–which I kindly told her about.  She pretty much gave me the hamster equivalent of the middle finger and peed on me.  I started googling information about hamster babies, and presto, tonight, she had her litter.

I’ve started looking for homes for the cuties, who should all be ready for relocating in about four weeks.  If you know me and live or can visit the New York area in four weeks and would like a baby hamster, send me a message.  I’ve got three people who would like one–five to go!  I’ll snap some photos when the munchkins start roaming about.  I don’t want to bother Momma Eleanor at the moment.  She’s done enough.  Yay for babies!

The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes/The Doll’s House (Volumes One and Two)

Originally, I thought to review this series as a whole.  After finishing book two, I changed my mind about waiting to review them once I finished.  Instead, I decided I am going to review each book as I I go along.  Also, Margo made it quite clear I should be reviewing these as soon as possible, haha.  This post will contain the first two volumes.  Enjoy!

Volume 1: Preludes and Nocturnes

Neil Gaiman

Before I start: This has got to be one of my favorite titles of all time.  It’s just really fun to say.  Prelude and Nocturnes, Preludes and Nocturnes, Preludes and Nocturnes–what?  The review?  But…fine.  I’m on it!  The beginning of this volume was insanely confusing.  It got to the point where I had to put the book down and take a break from it.  I think the layout of the graphic novel itself confused me a bit, especially after the predictable and traditional format of the three series I read right before beginning this one.  Once Dream broke free and he began his questing, it got a lot easier to understand the world and the main characters.  It was also easier to fall into the rhythm of the writing (which, as expected, is incredible).  I liked Dream quite a bit (for a comic character, he’s pretty damn handsome) and I adored his sister, so even though it was hard to get into, I was eager to start volume two.




Volume 2: The Doll’s House

Neil Gaiman

I was prepared to be confused when I started this volume.  I had a good handle on what was going on, so it was fairly painless to understand what was happening at the beginning of the book.  I also found myself feeling like I was about to open a Christmas present.  I couldn’t wait to see what would happen in this volume.  I liked the new characters that were introduced, especially when it was revealed that they’re related to seemingly insignificant characters introduced in the last volume.  I always feel really special when I remember previous minor characters.  Almost like that one time when I remembered to bring the Stop and Shop bags with me without Margo/Ally having to remind me.  I also thought the plot wrapped itself up really well in the end.  I liked the feeling of being complete.  Now, on to the next one!

Week Nineteen

I can’t believe it’s been so many weeks so far.  Holy moley.  Anyhoozle, this week I lost 1.2 for a grand total of 27.6 pounds gone (hopefully forever).  I recently tried on a pair of pants that I couldn’t close for the life of me back in college.  I have no idea why I kept them around so long.  Perhaps I thought the pants elves would grace me with a magic butt shrinkage one day when I needed to wear these pants?  Well, not only did they close, but they fit rather nicely.

While I was in Salem, I bought a shirt at the Lizzie Borden museum.  Even though it’s an XXL, the thing is tight as hell.  Seriously Boston, what’s up with your sizes?  Did you not get the memo or something?  I feel like I’m wearing a corset.  I decided to make this my next progress marker.  I think I will make January 1st my next goal day–I want to fit in that tee by the end of the year.  I’ll of course provide photos if they exist.  That’s all I have for you this week.  I hope your days are filled with sunshine and free parking!

Tales of the Escape

This hamster…I swear.

This morning, at the grand time of 6:02 am, I woke up to the sounds of dog paws on wood floors.  I smiled to myself, and nuzzled back into my warm, soft blanket.  I suddenly remembered: We don’t own a dog.  I lifted my head off my pillow and listened carefully.  Either the sounds were coming from Edward, the great noisemaker, or the blasted hamster was on the run.  I turned the lights on.  Guess which it was!

That’s right, the hamster got out and was exploring everything my room had to offer.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Danielle, how very irresponsible of you!  How could you leave the cage open?”

Well, my dearest, loveliest reader, the simple answer is: I didn’t.  The insane hamster has tried several times to escape from her cage.  The first time, she figured out how to lift the gate and slip through.  We took twisty-ties and made sure she couldn’t do that anymore.  Tonight she figured out how to push open the bottom of her cage, then slip through a tiny opening.

Honestly, I was shocked when I saw how she managed to get out.  I also realized this morning just how fast she is.  This she-devil is packing a rocket or something.  At one point she crawled into a hole in the wall and I thought, “Oh merciful God of all that is sqaure–that’s it, a snake is going to eat her and I will die of guilt.”

Not so, she eventually came back out of the hole with a beetle.  Eventually I managed to coax her into the cage (by coax, I mean I beg).  I don’t even know how to secure the bottom piece so she can’t get out again.  Maybe I’m taking the wrong approach?  Does MENSA accept animals?

Haunted House!

Tonight my coworker and our respective siblings piled into his car and took a trip to the haunted house and corn maze in Melville, NY.  It was my first haunted house all season and man was I excited!  We decided to go through the corn maze first.  It was incredibly scary at first–there were strobe lights that made it impossible to see.  It took us about five minutes to walk five feet.  After that we alternated between sprinting wildly through the maze and having the crap scared out of us.  My coworker developed this effective method for getting around corners.  It involved screaming and charging forward regardless of what might be waiting.  I thought it was awesome.

After we got through the maze, the four of us got in line for the haunted house.  While not as scary as the maze, it was still fun.  My brother (who was behind me) nearly pulled my pants down when he tripped while clinging to them.  That certainly would have been embarrassing.  A lot of the actors were devoted to trying their best to scare us to pieces–one even thought I was crying because I was laughing so hard.
All in all, I had a great time at the Melville Halloween events.  I’ll definitely go back next year.  I’ve got Blood Manor planned for next Friday and then the Bayville haunted firehouse for the Friday after that.  Aaaand then Six Flags for the Saturday after Bayville.  I’m most concerned with how well I will be able to stomach Blood Manor.  As long as a don’t lose control of my bowels, I think I will call the evening a win.  In any case, I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes!


Yesterday (technically two days ago since it is 1:36am), I went to Salem and Boston, Massachusetts with a friend.  We woke up early (yay for three hours of sleep!) and hopped in my car with soda, fiber bars (very not a good idea for a car trip) and bagels packed and ready for consumption.  By 6am we were on the road and ready for adventuring!  At first I couldn’t understand why there were so many people on the Cross Island Parkway that early in the morning, but I was too tired to properly judge them.

Once we got into Connecticut it started raining.  Just before that began, we saw a wild turkey (or a turkey vulture) just hanging out on the side of the road.  He seemed to be enjoying the sight of all the cars.  Or maybe he was trying to think of a proper reason for crossing the road?  I started screaming with excitement–my friend thought I was strange.  I even made her write “wild turkey” in my planner so I wouldn’t forget about it.   For those of you living in a New England state, you might have noticed the rainy storm passing through Wednesday morning.  Well, we followed the storm all the way to Salem.  That was fun (I’m being sarcastic).  I realized after the third hour of heavy rain passed that I was wearing flats and had no working umbrella.  It was going to be an interesting day.

I was right!  It was an interesting day.  We had the hardest time finding parking, but after we did, it was clear sailing.  Well, kind of.  Salem seems to enjoy only allowing a car a maximum of two hours in one spot, so I spent most of my day paranoid about tickets.  In any case, we visited the 40 Whacks Museum, a place devoted to Lizzie Borden and the mystery surrounding the murder of her mother and father.  I really liked the museum and even got a cute green tee with a creepy profile of Lizzie with a hatchet on it.  It’s a bit too tight to wear, but I plan on using it as a marker for my weight loss.  Yay!

After that we went to the Witch’s House, which is the only building left with direct ties to the witch trials.  It belonged to the judge and might be the biggest rip off ever.  It was expensive for no reason.  I understand that it costs a lot of money to pay workers to give tours and to keep the house preserved, but honestly, would it be too much of an effort to do more than just put up one poster of information in each of the six rooms and insist on self-guided tours?  I did not like.

After this we hit up the Witch’s Dungeon where we got to watch a reenactment of a witch trial (which was cool), then hear a brief history of the witch hunts (which was informative), then take a tour of the reconstructed dungeons in the basement (which scared the shit out of me).  Seriously, it was super dark and quiet and the people in the cells looked real and the tour guide hid in one of the coffin cells and scared us.  I can’t really tell you what the rest of the dungeon featured because I was too busy burrowing in my friend’s shirt while pushing her towards the exit.  Tomorrow’s haunted house is going to be interesting to say the least.

Finally, we walked around Essex St. and popped into a few shops.  All in all, I liked Salem a lot.  I wish I had more time to spend there–especially because I missed out on all the nighttime tours.  Those must be awesome.  Even though it rained the whole time, I think Salem would be a grand place to spend an entire day.  I’d like to go back when I have more time.

After Salem we drove down to Boston for an information session at Simmons College.  The sessions were boring and the city was confusing.  I found myself longing to go back to Salem and enjoy the sights I was just beginning to enjoy.  I was relieved when we were back on the highway coming home.  For the most part, the drive was pleasant.  There was singing and rest-stopping–at one somewhere in Connecticut, we met a guy who was trying to collect 18 dollars so he could replace a part in his car.  That was strange.  We gave him some money so I hope he was telling the truth.

I had a great day–Salem being the best part.  I got a few postcards, so my pen pals will be getting them in the mail.  Keep your eyes out for them!  My friend was the one with the camera, so when she posts them online, I’ll make sure to grab the good ones for you guys!