Week Twenty-Two

Happy Saturday!  In honor of Halloween, I wore my costume to my meeting.  I decided to weigh-in with the darn thing on (even though it is quite heavy).  Even with the dress and jewelry on, I lost .2 pounds!  My leader (who was dressed up as Minnie Mouse) thought my brother, who dressed up as a hero sandwich and a cape (super hero, get it?) and I were so cool that she took photos of us.

Tomorrow I’ll have pictures of myself in my dress to show you guys, and to compare with photos from three years ago when I was 34 pounds heavier.  I’ll post those Monday-ish.  This is completely random: I was so so looking forward to getting lots of free Halloween candy I could have each day, but everyone loves me so much that they all got me pretzels and other healthy snacks.  Noooo!  My plans have been foiled!  Sadly, it was foiled by love and affection so I am more likely to hug than duel.  Oh well.  Maybe for Christmas I will be given free candy?

Have a grand Halloween!

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