Look at all the movies I’ve been seeing lately!  Everyone should be so so proud of me.  Tonight I went to see Devil with my friend (I can’t think of a good nickname.  What should we call him?).  I was very happy that it was a short one because I am totally one of those people who get bored quickly.  I was afraid I’d be terrified during this movie, but it wasn’t bad at all.  It was more of a bloody death kind of movie than a creepy ghost kind.  Plus, you never really have to see any of the deaths actually happen.  I jumped only once, and it was more of a “Nooo!  Dwight!”

I predicted who the Devil was from the start, and once you witness how the first person dies, it’s pretty much the same format for the rest of the movie.  There aren’t many surprises in the hour and a half.  Again, its length kept it from getting too boring, and the ending wrapped everything up together very nicely.  I liked it.

My official rating?  3.5/5

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