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This Saturday (the 23rd) I went to Six Flags for some Fright Fest fun.  I had a great time!  The park was decorated awesomely and there was music, rides, and haunted attractions.  However, like Bayville, I thought the park could use way more actors running around the grounds.  While I understand there not being enough volunteers at the firehouse, Six Flags is expensive and should be able to afford more actors.  There were only about two actors in each area, which didn’t make walking around very scary.  Props to the guy dressed in green who walked around with the chainsaw.  He scared me a few times, haha.

Besides that, three of the haunted attractions cost money in addition to the ticket to get inside the park.  Wasn’t my 50 dollar ticket enough, Six Flags?  The lines for the rides were long and there were masses of people at every attraction, which is to be expected.  The problem is that half of your time is spent on line while the other half is spent worrying about getting to shows early enough to grab a spot where you could see.  For the amount of money I spent, I am tempted to say Six Flags isn’t worth it, but I leave that up to the visitor to decide.  If you’re a big ride person and don’t mind waiting in line for long periods of time, then you would easily get your ticket’s worth during the day while seeing all of the events at night.  Even though it was massively expensive (and far from my house) I think I would consider going again next year, if only to go dressed up for the haunted areas.  After all, that’s really why I went this year.  If I could have fit in the coasters with my dress, I would have gone in it.

Taking price (2/5), distance (2/5), events (5/5) and how spooky (3/5) it was into consideration, I give Six Flags a 3/5.

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  1. at the six flags here, buying tickets online is cheaper, and sometimes you can exchange a coke can for a discount. you should look into that.

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