Anna and the King

What a long movie!  I think that might be my biggest complaint about this film.  It runs for 2.5 hours and there really isn’t a need for it to be that long.  I thought the movie itself was wonderful (I adore Chow Yun-Fat).  It had the perfect amount of teasingly adorable romance to please a viewer.  The King and I is my favorite musical of all, and I have been meaning to see this movie for a few years now.  It didn’t disappoint.  At first  I thought the length of the movie was because they were going to add in the music.  Thank God they didn’t–it would have ruined the whole thing.

If I could write a letter to the movie people (oh yea, total film major here), I would ask them to please cut out a lot of stuff regarding Tuptim and her lover–it is important, but not the main focus of the movie.  Also, some scenes with Louis can go too.  He was vastly annoying.  Sorry Tom Felton–you’re only cute when you’re older.  And hotter.

Overall I give this move: 4/5

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