Baby Hamsters

Phew!  I was waiting on this post so that I could combine all the photos together.  As you all know, my brother’s hamster gave birth to seven adorable babies.  They were born blind, deaf and without fur.  Over the past few weeks they went from looking like odd wiggly worms:

We're blind, deaf and naked!

To slightly more adorable worms:

We're still blind, but now we have some fur!

Now they are causing Eleanor a great deal of stress by running out of the nest and trying to go on adventures.  They have fur, nibble on bits of vegetables I give them with their baby paws and any day now, they should open their eyes.  Here’s an adorable video I took this morning of the babies:

Tomorrow I’ll be able to cuddle with the hammies and take photos of them for the wonderful four people who have agreed to adopt some of the siblings.  If anyone else within reasonable distance from Long Island would like a hamster baby, there are three left!  If you need any convincing, please watch the baby yawns in the video again.  With any luck, I’ll be able to bribe update photos from the new hamster baby mommas and faddas for you all to see.

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