Tonight I went to the movies with my friend Brianna (after a very embarrassing adventure in Target).  We saw Hereafter.  I didn’t know it came out tonight–I know, I know, my movie ignorance is showing.  We got tickets early, and frolicked around until it was time to see the movie.  Good thing we bought them early!  There were about fifteen other people in the theater besides us.  Oops.  I made sure to sit in the direct center of the theater.  You know, because I am obnoxious like that.

Anyway, let’s talk about the movie.  Hereafter is about death.  It follows three different people as they deal with death: one almost died, one’s family member recently died and one can talk to dead people.  At the end, like many movies with different storylines, we get to see the beautiful way the tangled vines come together to form something wonderful.

First of all, the beginning half of the movie was intense and shocking.  I gasped a lot, and was sucked into the movie as if what I was seeing was actually happening.  At one point, I remember being terrified, and realizing the entire theater was completely silent.  There was no music in the film, not one sound–no one moved in the theater.  Everything was silent.  The second half of the movie, which brings the major events together towards the conclusion, touched me in ways a movie hasn’t done in a long time.

I have been obsessed with death and dying for a few months now.  I have asked everyone I’ve come in contact with what they think happens after we die, and most people have been wonderful about telling me what they believe.  I needed this movie.  I left the theater feeling light, and feeling satisfied.  I thought it was beautiful, and careful and perfect.  The ending is truthfully hopeful, without being corny.  For me, Even though this movie was about three different people, it was really just about Marcus–and his story was told fantastically.  I sincerely recommend this movie to everyone.

My official rating? 5.5/5

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